Our company, NCR Contractors was founded in 2012 by Mr Nick Robert, and as a well-established and respected businessman in KwaZulu-Natal, his attention to detail and absolute adherence to the highest ethics possible, soon set this company on a path of sustainable growth. Today NCR Contractors boasts a management and operational team with decades of combined experience in our chosen industry. Our ability to meet and exceed the requirements of the corporate world, especially in terms of Health & Safety, coupled to excellent diagnostic procedures and solutions, enabled NCR Contractors to pursue contracts in this ambit.

Today we can proudly state that we have been supplying, and is still doing so on an ongoing basis, our services to the likes of “BELL EQUIPMENT”, “ADvTECH GROUP” (Crawford Schools, Varsity College, Trinity House etc.), as well as numerous estates, body cooperates and home owners associations. We have never forgotten our roots and such we still provide a service to the individual home-owner or small business owner to this day, and do so with all the attention to detail that could be possible.

We have, through both planning and organic growth, ensured our ability to meet our commitments on a daily basis.

Many satisfied customers can attest to such – allow yourself to be one of them!



To attain and maintain a position of leadership as solution providers for waterproofing, damp proofing and painting. To engender an inclusive workplace where our staff feel that they are able to grow and achieve their dreams and ambitions.


To offer into our chosen industry a service and product of the highest standards by adhering to our core values of:

Integrity – a commitment to truth, honesty and trust
Accountability – our commitment to serving the needs of our customers
Quality – we will only ever provide workmanship and materials of the highest quality and remain committed to ongoing research into the latest technologies and methodologies available
Loyalty – to practise this in all relationships with both suppliers and customers
Strategy – we will ensure our ability to keep our word on a daily and ongoing basis
Communication – to always communicate honestly and transparently and ensure our availability to do so
Respect for the individual – the core of our existence. We will practice this principal across all race, gender and creed.

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